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Strategic Planning

How do organizations know what technology to invest their time and money in?

Large organizations hire a Chief Information Officer, or CIO, to build their Information Technology (I.T.) infrastructure and keep it aligned with their business goals. The CIO's job is to ensure the best use of technology for the organization. CIO's are senior executives responsible for all aspects of their company's' information technology and systems. 

With knowledge of both technology and business processes and a cross-functional perspective, they are usually the managers most capable of aligning the organization's technology deployment strategy with its business strategy.

Without this strategic level of leadership in technology related issues an organization is much less likely to realize a return on its investment. Thus, technology decision-making is left to vendors, who are in business to sell a particular product. These vendor organizations are not equipped to help clients formulate an objective Master Plan designed to achieve business goals and objectives in the most cost effective way.

It is easy to buy hardware and software in today's market place. It is also easy to acquire break and fix services. It is much more difficult to find strategic planning services for your small business. As Forrest Gump said, "If you don't know where you're goin', you ain't too likely to get there." 

Small businesses need someone with experience and knowledge who will listen to their business goals and then design and implement the information technology to support them just as much as larger businesses,

But, According to CIO Magazine, the average salary for a CIO is $146,000. What if your organization is too small to afford a Chief Information Officer and an Information Technology staff? Does that mean that your information technology infrastructure is condemned to becoming a black hole through which you continually pour money without ever seeing a return on your investment, much less a strategic advantage?

Maybe not!  Gryphon Group has many years of experience working with business and technology so we know that small organizations need a strategic plan for information technology as much or more than larger organizations. 

Small businesses need a proactive advocate without the inherent conflict of interests of a product vendor. They need to be able to budget for technology expenses and they need to get the most out of whatever they buy.  They need all the things that larger organizations need to be able to better serve their customers -- networks, accounting systems, databases, desktop productivity applications, security, training, Internet access, etc. In fact today, these things are just as mission critical to small organizations as they are to larger businesses.

We offer all the services of a CIO and an IT staff without the six-figure salary. Gryphon Group brings years of experience in business and technology to your table at a price you can afford. We can help you leverage your investments in technology and streamline your processes. We will listen to your business goals and objectives and be sure they are supported with IT systems that are cost effective.


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Last Updated: Tuesday, May 10, 2005