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Project Management

Once the Strategic Plan is completed, and a vision for the future technology needs of your organization is made clear, Gryphon Group drives the execution of the plan in a timely fashion, taking care to minimize the impact on your day-to-day operations.

If you've ever been involved in the relatively simple process of purchasing and installing a new printer, you know that it's more time consuming and complex than one would expect.  And there's is plenty of hindsight to go around.  Technology implementations, even minor ones, are projects that require careful management of myriad of actions steps involved.  

Milestones and actions steps in the printer example  include:

  • Bid

  • Purchase

  • Asset Management Processing

  • Warranty Registration

  • Maintenance File Creation

  • Installation

  • Configuration

  • Integration

  • Training

  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule

  • Supplies Inventory

  • Repair Policies & Procedures

It's a pay now or pay later proposition.  If steps are skipped, there will be an action taken at some later point in time to compensate for it.  That later action almost always costs more money.

Project Management is an element of Gryphon Group's outsourced CIO program.  






How can you be sure the technology you purchase are correctly implemented?


How can you get your people to use the new technology?


How can you measure the return on your investment?















Last Updated: Tuesday, May 10, 2005