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Gryphon is uniquely positioned to serve Business Owners and Executives in a coaching role.

We are experienced in both business and technology, which means we approach technology decisions from a strategic perspective.

Coaching is a formalized, one-on-one process designed to provide a sounding board in a safe environment.  Coaches help decision-makers focus on purposeful action without concern about political implications or posturing.

Coaches also help to develop potential, enhance performance, and align goals within an organization.

By working in a completely confidential setting, coaching breaks down barriers to success and challenges individuals to reach new levels of achievement.

Coaches also act as trainers.  Often owners/executives are reluctant to step out into the technological unknown.  Our coaching services provide a secure environment for learning business technology outside the office where there are no intimidating or potentially embarrassing circumstances to worry about.

Coaches equip you for competitiveness, and the organization is the biggest beneficiary.

To find out more about Gryphon Group's coaching services, call Kathy Musgrave at (210) 826-6855.





A relationship with an up-to-date coach can keep a key executive from stubbing his/her toe.















Last Updated: Tuesday, May 10, 2005